Bot 框架开发服务

    从简化的文本平台到自动语音命令,机器人已成功地在业务领域创造了强大的优势。 Bot 框架开发使 AI 驱动的活动成为可能。通过 Bot 框架开发,设备拥有像人类一样的智能功能来解决所有有意义的查询。

    Bot Framework Development at Agile Infoways

    Structuring a bot is a combination of both activities- creativity and subtlety. Our passionate bot development team has outstanding programming skills like C#, Python, Node.js, ML, etc which include evaluation, great algorithm building, and customization qualities. The bot-based solutions we build are –

    • Swift
    • Accurate
    • Reliable

    Why Do You Need Bot Framework Development?
    • Business Boosting Solution
    • Hold Smart Customer-engaging feature
    • Possess integrations with third-party technologies
    • Enhanced new-gen assistance even endorsed by Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft.



    Bot Frameworks

    Microsoft Chatbot Framework
    Facebook Bot
    IBM Watson



    • 健康c是 / 医疗
    • 教育/电子学习
    • 电子商务
    • 社交网络
    • 媒体与娱乐
    • 食品与餐厅
    • Fitness
    • Retail
    • IoT
    • 制造业
    • Energy
    • 旅游与酒店业
    • 按需解决方案
    • 房地产
    • 物流与配送
    • Construction
    • Gaming


    • Native Android
    • Native iOS
    • IONIC
    • Unity
    • SWIFT
    • KOTLIN
    • Objective C
    • Java
    • Android NDK
    • Angular JS
    • React JS
    • Vue JS
    • HTML 5 / CSS 3
    • Node JS
    • Python
    • GoLang
    • Java
    • PHP
    • .Net
    • ElectronJS
    • Ruby on rails
    • MY SQL
    • PostgreSQL
    • MONGO DB
    • Dynamo DB
    • Apache CouchDB
    • Redis
    • InfluxDB
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    • MariaDB
    • Firestore 和 Firebase
    • SQLite
    • Adobe XD
    • SKETCH
    • Photoshop
    • Illustrator
    • After Effects
    • Maya 和 Max
    • Unity
    • Eclipse
    • Visual Studio
    • Netbeans
    • IntelliJ
    • Xcode
    • Paypal
    • Stripe
    • Google Maps
    • Twilio
    • Wowza
    • Google Analytics
    • Sinch
    • Selenium 网络驱动程序


    I have been working with Agile for few months now on various PHP web projects. I'd highly recommend them for your Web Projects. I am going to engage with their services again for more than just web development in near future for sure. Thank you to Agile Team.
    Mike Ross
    Holistec Systems Ltd 的首席执行官
    I can recommend Agile Infoways for their tenacity in solving software development problems, fast responses & all around approach to building software solutions. I'm absolutely satisfied with their work as a whole for the kind of team spirit & in-sync behavior makes my work pretty much easy.
    Lars Jensen
    Dots & Dashes ApS 的合伙人
    It was a pleasure working with the Agile team. The developer that I worked with excelled in database design and development. I strongly recommend Agile team.. no doubt, If you need a project completed that is strong in PHP and other frameworks, then this would be a great team to choose.
    Steve Berkey
    Ninja 的想法和实施
    I had great time working with Agile Infoways, the staff is committed to delivery, takes pride in delivering best solutions for development projects. The team is very organized and listens carefully to feedback/improvements. Highly adaptive and enthusiastic, thanks a lot guys!
    Prashant Gami
    TradieCom 的联合创始人
    We have been using Agile for a long period of time outsourcing development work to them. They always followed our instructions how we asked. I would recommend Agile for your outsource projects, its amazing to see the team works perfectly in sync delivering best results, well done.. cheers!
    Eric Doriean
    Mass Mosaic 的联合创始人
    Agile has one of the best project managers and developers I have ever worked with till date. They consistently demonstrate excellent time and task management skills, high quality work, and exceptional attention to detail. Their attitude is always positive towards the work given to them.
    Lynellen Nielsen
    Agile Infoways is by far the BEST outside development team we've ever worked with for web & mobile projects. Their level of expertise, professionalism, communication and on-time delivery is second to none. We are extremely glad to count them as part of our development team.
    Ralph Quintero


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