The visionaries of Agile Infoways 先生。罗纳克沙阿 and 先生。 Vimal Shah have taken a step and build this huge IT organization with their strong efforts and creative mind.

    先生。罗纳克沙阿 is the Founder and Director of Agile Infoways Pvt Ltd and a visionary leader who motivates for continuous growth of an organization. He has done his bachelors from Florida Atlantic University-USA & a load runner certified professional in 质量保证, brought in the vision to emerge as one of the innovative partners, offering services to offshore clients. 先生。罗纳克沙阿 is a fun loving person and a firm believer in Work, Life & Balance. He is actively involved in work and employee engagement activities with every individual.

    先生。 Vimal Shah

    先生。 Vimal Shah 还是 Agile Infoways Private Limited 的创始人兼董事。 Vimal Shah 先生毕业于尼尔玛大学,在我们的努力中扮演着至关重要的技术专家角色。将工作职责进一步分配给他的团队,他投入到开发中,取得了辉煌的成功。除了负责管理外,他还是一位积极主动的工程师,能够提前发现问题并确保采取适当的预防措施。 Vimal Shah 先生是我们公司的完美典范,他让所有员工了解最新的技术进步,并帮助他们提升到更高水平。