Taxi/Cab Booking App Features

    Taxi Booking app that allows user to Book taxi via mobile and payment for the ride.

    Multiple Language Integration

    Demolishing the language barrier the solution is flexible to support as many languages as needed. Targeting the audience speaking any language.

    Quick Ride Booking

    The Drivers can get ride bookings via the system helping them generate business with the liberty of accepting or rejecting any ride booking request. Good user interface by using google map and map animation movement.

    Type Of Ride Booking

    The users are able to book rides with different options like cars, bikes not only by choosing the items from the menu but also specifying their needs and choices from the various variants like fare amount, source and destination.

    Live Booking Status

    After order successfully accepted by the Driver , The Driver can update the different status of the ride business. That can reflect instantly to the user in app and via push notification. Use can see previous ride history.

    Payment and Subscription Options

    User can do payment via the options like cash or card payment. Via the integration of payment libraries. Driver can do subscription via qr code scan payment via their trusted bank account number via third party app and also direct subscription via payment gateway integrated in app. Same like passenger can pay for ride.

    Refer and Earn via Sharing App

    Driver and passenger can share app via the link and upon registration of new user, referrer can earn some benefits or money. Thus app gets more user engagement.

    Customer Application

    Designed to have easy and quick user experience, the Customer application helps the end-users to book the order quickly by looking at the availability of rides from the google map

    User Application
    Select source or destination and ride options

    User can login and then just do quick booking for the ride,with optional input of source location, destination location and the fare amount suggestion.

    Cancel ride with reason

    User can cancel the ride, with optional reason.

    User can see ride details

    User can see details like current of driver , location of user it self. Fare amount. Payment mode. Timing for driver.

    Payment for the ride

    User can do payment when ride gets finished via the card and the via cash mode.

    Rating for the ride

    User can give rating for the ride experience.And an option to make that driver favourite.

    Ride History and refer app

    User can see ride details of previously took place. And user can share the app and get refer benefits.

    Driver Application

    The Driver application will get ride requests and helps the driver to see revenues from the rides.

    User Application
    Getting online or offline for ride request

    Driver can update status of availability to take ride request. And driver can see details of the new ride like distance time and locations, and can have the option to accept or reject the ride.

    Real-time status update

    Driver can update real time status of car and ride status.

    Map direction

    Driver can switch back and forth between inbuilt app map and third party supported map app. For the direction and traffic guidance.

    Payment and Subscription

    Driver can receive the payment and check the payment status.And Driver can do the rating for the ride. Driver also can have option for ride subscription depends on a business model that allows drivers to do ride.

    Admin Panel Application

    Admin will manage all users and see the activity of all users. Admin can see reports of the rides, user and revenue of the taxi business.

    User Application
    Application configuration

    Admin and given other user roles can configure system variables that can govern the ride business and system Like tax, ride fee, subscription fee, limit variables.

    User management

    Can do add update delete operation on the users and the drivers and admin users.

    Ride management

    Can mange ride statuses and can search sort the ride details.

    Referrer management

    Can manage refer and benefits variables

    Push notification and announcement management

    Can send individual or bulk notification to the user.

    Report generator

    Can generate various reports like, operation actions of users and the rides and the revenues

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    Technologies We Use

    Platform Languages

    • Java
    • Kotlin
    • Swift
    • Objective C
    • React native
    • Javascript

    API Development

    • Node JS
    • Radis

    Payment integration

    • Stripe


    • Mongo DB


    • Aws
    • Godaddy

    3rd Party Libraries

    • Stripe
    • Google map service
    • Firebase
    • Socket IO
    • Crashlytics
    • Branch IO

    Apps Developed By Us

    GOGO Taxi: The Taxi App for Cambodia

    The lite and fast app for cambodia taxi booking considering the consumer behaviours.This app allows to do fast ride booking with cash payment. With using google map library it allows users and drivers to do ride business smooth and with necessary details. Also application has marketing part that increase user engagement via refer and earn scheme.

    Here are some features of the app:
    • Book taxi with option instantly by open app.
    • Get real time, fare calculation, timing and the distance traveled.
    • Get real time location and ride status
    • Get payment via cash option.
    • Invite via app link and earn money amount in wallet.
    • Withdraw money amount via contacting the operator.
    • Rate the rides, get the ride history.
    • See today's earning and the ride details for the drivers.
    • Admin can see reports of users and cars activities.
    • Admin can add, update, delete, the users and verify them

    H O O D U B E R

    The taxi booking app for different car owners who are in driving business. And user who wants to travel car with budget to luxurious one, with or without defined destination. Also driver can have various subscriptions plans to buy drive service.

    Here are some features of the app:
    • Can select source, destination and suggestion of the fare amount, before passenger sends the ride request.
    • Can send ride request to the favorited drivers.
    • Can do ride payment via cash or card payment
    • Driver and the user can favourite each other.
    • Driver can add images of the car in their profile for different cars so it can increase chances of getting favorited and more rides.
    • Driver can upgrade or cancel the subscription plan.
    • Admin can add, update, delete, the users and verify them

    Taxi App Development Flow

    Industry We Serve

    We have specialization in serving various industry verticals whether they are start-ups,small companies or huge enterprises.

    • Healthcare / Medical
    • Education / E-Learning
    • Ecommerce
    • Social Networking
    • Media & Entertainment
    • Food & Restaurant
    • Fitness
    • Retail
    • IoT
    • Manufacturing
    • Energy
    • Travel & Hospitality
    • On-Demand Solutions
    • Real Estate
    • Logistics & Distribution
    • Construction
    • Gaming

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